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Do you want to share your experience in the escape game more you do not want to pay a virtual gift certificate? Here’s the solution: a gift box! Ideal to offer by hand or send by mail to your friends, family …. Containing a first enigma to solve, it then allows to reserve any game room in France or Belgium. Its price is unique: 99 €! Pendant valid 1 and for a team composed of 2 to 5 detectives. Put on your Sherlock outfit and do not wait anymore, go hunt for clues and solve puzzles. You have 60 min!

Book with the box

Just go to the website of the city that the team will have chosen, then select a riddle (it is often the most difficult …). Click on reserve, enter the code of the box, the date and the chosen time, and the turn is played!




Discover our gift box at our establishment at 11 allée des Tilleuls, 57130 Jouy aux Arches – Augy ZAC – Parc Aravis.

We are open every day from 2pm to 10.30pm.

Enjoy your gift box with one of our many goodies!

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Email: [email protected]

Gift box valid at Escape Hunt Metz and all Escape Hunt establishments in France and Belgium for 1 year.

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99€ + 6€ shipping costs

Fill out the form below. We will then send you the information to receive your box within 48h upon receipt of payment.

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